Brewdog Punk IPA


Brewdog haven’t been in business for more than six years, but during this time they’ve certainly made an impact on the British beer market.  I must admit I rather admire their “if you don’t like it, sod off” marketing swagger.  I suppose if you can make a decent fist of brewing you may as well shout about it, rather than sitting meekly in the corner saying nothing.

I’m no stranger to Brewdog’s Punk IPA, as it’s a beer that I’ve enjoyed before but haven’t ever actually got around to reviewing.

I consider Punk IPA as one of those “realisation beers” that you could give to a mass-market lager drinker to show him how bland and insipid his beloved yellow fizzy water really is.

The aroma is as potent as incense, and as near as damn it a religious experience. Imagine a heady mix of sharp citrus grapefruit rind, black pepper, crushed pine needles, a little orange juice and weirdly enough just the faintest hint of beeswax polished furniture.  All beer should smell as intense as this. Glorious.

The beer itself is bullion-gold and crystal clear, which is remarkable considering how much this beer was probably dry hopped.  The head pours virginal white and is comprised of quite the smallest little bubbles I’ve ever seen, and lasts right through to the end of the glass.

My only quibble with Punk IPA is that it’s just not as substantial in body and mouth-feel as I really want it to be; with this much hoppiness I feel a bit more coloured malt would bring the whole thing back into balance – at least for me, anyway.

The taste though is smack on: an intense citrus hop attack rides in athwart a profound bitterness, a bitterness that persists for an astonishingly long time, all the while notes of pine resin and black pepper take turns to surge over your taste buds.

Try some today.  It’ll change the way you think about beer!

I got mine from Sainsbury’s for £1.79, although it’s worth mentioning that other supermarkets are available.

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