Bread from a brew day!

One of the depressing things about an all-grain brew day is having to throw away a large quantity of spent grain – sometimes around 6 or 7 kilos.  I can get rid of about half of it to our chickens, who tend to go a bit mad for it…but what to do with the rest?

A great way to use some of it up is to make bread with it.  My wife makes the recipe outlined in this previous post, swapping some of the white flour out for wholemeal, and also incorporating about 100 grams of the spent malt.  It really does make a beautiful bread.  See the pictures below:

20130617_225925     20130618_065503

One thought on “Bread from a brew day!

  1. That sounds like a great way of using what would otherwise be waste. The loaf looks really good!

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