Meantimes: London Pale Ale

Idiot cat included for scale (he is that small)

What do you think it’s like living next door to Michael Palin?

I should imagine it’s probably quite nice, he’s an affable sort of chap who would probably put your bins out for you when you were on holiday and maybe lend you the odd cup of sugar.  There’d certainly be no shouting, breaking crockery and ensuing police visits at crikey o’clock in the morning – and certainly no loud pumping drum ‘n’ bass all-nighters…all very pleasant, all very English…

And I guess that’s the way I feel about Meantimes Brewery’s London Pale Ale…

Straight out of the bottle it’s a startlingly clear and the colour of not oft’ seen autumn sunshine…nose-wise, it’s a bit sulphurous and a bit hoppy; which for some reason brings to mind Wadworth’s 6x.

The taste is mellow with a medium bitterness and an appealing malty character with slightly seet undertones.  There’s some hops in the there somewhere I’m sure, but the taste is just so well blended, smooth and amenable there’s nothing to jar you.  It’s easy-going all the way…sit back, sup up and relax…

I bet if you got a couple of bottles in, one for you and one for your neighbour Palin, he’d happily come ’round, sit in a deck chair in your garden, kick back, engage in amusing but witty conversation and it’d be all so terribly English and civil…just like the Meantimes London Pale Ale.

I got my bottle from Sainsbury’s for the princely sum of £1.79, as I felt I was worth it.

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