Hook Norton: Haymaker


Look everyone, summer’s here.  No really it is.  Make the most of it, as it’ll be sharting it down in about a months time.

If it’s summer then it must be time to try another summer-type beer (even though Haymaker is available all year round) and also because Hook Norton are just up the road from me, and because the label on the bottle evokes misplaced bucolic reverie…That’s what it’s like around here, you know…rustic rosey-cheeked simpletons in smocks lean heavily on their pitch-forks and dispense sage weather advice from betwixt corn-stalk clenched teeth…


When poured Haymaker comes out a brilliantly clear high-summer sun gold, with a nice head that retains well to the end of the glass.

There’s an abundant aroma which seems to be all heather honey, cornflakes and floral hops…in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if maize was used as a small  adjunct in this beer, but feel free to correct me if you like, Hooky folks.

First taste lays an arrow straight line of sweetish malt down the centre of your tongue, that gets followed up by a well-judged lightly refreshing hop bitterness…the mouth-feel is solid, but light enough not to cloy.

With a really lovely sweet ‘n’ bitter aftertaste this beer fits the bill for summer drinks after work, rest, play or anything else that you might get up to in the summer…yes, even THAT.

I paid a £1.95 ransom to rescue my bottle of Haymaker from the icy fridge in the Kidlington Co-Op.  A fridge where they were also keeping the Old Hooky – which is just plain madness.  Someone from Hook Norton please tell them to stop doing this…

I hear some people even drink Guiness ice-cold these days, too, whatever are they thinking of?

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