Woods: Hopping Mad


Despite the slightly goofy label design, this is not a bad beer at all…but as an opportunity to showcase a single hop it does miss a trick.

A slightly sulphurous nose (from “burtonised” water, maybe?) is tinged with a suggestion of the Progress hops that this single hop variety beer is brewed with.

With the first taste there’s a good solid juicy dark (crystal?) malt flavour and mouth feel. The hops make their presence felt but really do struggle against the weight of all of the dark malt.  The earthiness of the progress hop character comes through, but any floral character is lost.

A pleasing, mouth-watering bitterness persists for a good long while and even though the malt plays along nicely beside, the sheer weight of it manages to contribute to a caramelly, almost burnt sugar note in the after taste…which is really not unpleasant, just a bit of a shame – as the use of lighter coloured malts would really help the hops to sing…as a true single hop beer should.

It’s not very complex as beers go, but it’s a nice drop.

Saying all, that it’s an interesting and very drinkable beer so it’s worth picking up a bottle or two if you see it on sale.

I got mine from the co-op in Woodstock for £1.80


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