Tolly English Ale

20130708_172211Maybe next time I’ll remember to photograph it before I drink it.


What with one thing and another…I’ll be rattling through this one at a fair old clip.  Time isn’t on my side these days…and I’m on lunch at work and it’ll be back to the grindstone before I know it.

Tolly English Ale is a marvel at only 2.8% alcohol as it doesn’t really taste like a low(ish) alcohol beer and by crikey it’s a quid a pop!

When you open the bottle it’s a real trip down memory lane…it smells like beer used to smell like years ago and puts me squarely back to the age of about ten and getting a taste of bitter for the first time.

A nice mid brown beer with a wonderfully evocative mineral aroma with some hops nestled in.  As well as smelling like it, it really does taste like beer used to when we had shandies mixed for us as kids.  Remember those days when you used to get “beer” in 2 litre plastic bottles?  I challenge any brewer to go back to packaging like that now!

Heavy malts are used in Tolly to good effect in order to mask the low alcohol content. If you were driving you’d probably enjoy one of these (although naturally I don’t endorse drinking or driving in any form, right kids?).

Don’t expect huge complexity or anything but just enjoy it whilst giving your liver, wallet and driving license a break.

I got this from Asda again.  It’s not like I’m a regular shopper or anything…but if they’re punting out bottles at a quid a go I’ll be going back (and soon).  Their cheese selection wasn’t too bad, either.  Will that do you, Asda?  Just let me know when you want to send the case of mixed beers…

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