Adnams: Southwold Bitter


Look here’s another beer from those lovely people at Adnams:

Adnams Southwold Bitter has an interesting label design and features Southwold Jack, who is the bell striker figure on the clock tower in Southwold and seems to be a local institution…the Adnams website has this to say:

Local legend has it, he [Jack] was actually a young man, a soldier or ‘man at arms’ from the Wars of the Roses, the mystery being, what was his connection to Southwold? The nearest of the civil wars to Southwold were in Barnet near London and St Albans.  Some believe he was a local boy who fought as an armoured foot-soldier for the House of York.  Some believe he was sent to protect Southwold after the wars from the smuggling that was rife along the coast. Pessimists believe he came to attack it.  The jury is still out.

Either way if he was still knocking about [as it were] today, he’d be proud to be associated with this brand and beer

It’s worth bearing in mind that Adnams intend this beer to be as near a match for the draught version as possible – which is good of them, I’ve had so many different beers where the bottle version bears no relation to the draught…

Straight from the bottle the Southwold bitter pours with a really nice bright clarity, is mid-brown coloured and features a nice tight white head.

The aroma doesn’t blow you away, but why should it?  It’s a bitter, and that how it should be. I found it beautifully bitter -crisply bitter, in fact- and very tasty; mouthwatering malt in the mouth without being over-sweet, which is a welcome thing as I find that too many beers these days seem to be over-sweet.

The after taste endures for a good long time and as soon as it’s gone prompts you to drink again.

What more can I say?  A first class bitter from a first class brewer.  Highly recommended and worth ringing the bells about.

Another beer from Asda, and as part of the three for a fiver deal it’s a bit of bargain.  I’m still waiting for the case, though…

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