Craft beer explosion?

I got an email yesterday from my boss in the US.  It was an email telling me how much he’s digging  He’s a home brewer, beer drinker, all-round wit and raconteur (I may have built his part up a bit there…mainly in the hope of some sort of massive pay increase)

In this email he described to me how he’s getting on at his local bar “Chappy’s”, and by “getting on” he means how far he’s progressed through the beer menu.  Let’s just stop there, re-adjust our selves and rewind.  The Beer menu.  Yes that’s right.  They have a beer menu that needs “getting through

It’s here by the way:

Sweet Christmas that’s a good looking beer list.

Bill, (let’s just call him “Bill”) has somewhere around 200 beers under his belt now…and believe me you can see where he keeps them, too.  (Only joking…I literally kill myself, as will he when he next comes over)

My point -such that it is, and shot through with career-limiting banter- is that we just don’t get this sort of thing over here…I think I’d prefer it to the “three shots for a quid”, “drink all the way along the optics”, “pint and a hand-job for a quid” sort of mentality that we have in Britain today.

We’d be so much better off having a better range of beers and some incentive to sample and savour, rather than firing down the same old mass-produced lagers and fizzy bitters.

And on that note, “Bill” also sent me a photo of a can of IPA that he picked up when in Indianapolis last week…


Now that’s an intriguing and beguiling can if ever I saw one…it turns out to be from the Sun King brewery and is a Grapefruit Jungle IPA, it’s 7.2% and the reviews are full of high praise:

Pure tropical fruity hops in the nose and faint sweet malt in the background. Resinous hops flavors and grapefruit citrusy notes”

bitter, pithy elements that dominate the aroma; pink grapefruit and tangerine; tropical elements linger, after the swallow, with some pineapple and a hint of apricot joining the citrus

I think we’re ready for this sort of thing now please, Brewers.  I love my Bitter, Stout, Ale and all the other traditional styles…I just crave something a bit more experimental, edgy and simply “mad” from time-to-time…  Brewdog, The Kernel, Partizan, Meantime and all those (predominantly London-based, Brewdog apart) brewers are doing it (and doing it bloody well), so why can’t more of you?

The public are waiting for a craft beer explosion and you’re the only folks who can deliver…

6 thoughts on “Craft beer explosion?

  1. Your lucky to have a boss that enjoys craft beer, mine only thinks that real beer is bud lite (puke). Only thing that bugs me on the Chappy’s beer list is Kentucky Ale, I’m from Kentucky and that brewery doesn’t represent what the state’s actual beer scene is. BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company) or West 6th (which just survived a law suit with Magic Hat) make much better beer that is disturbed outside the sate. Okay, done ranting about local beers. I have had GFJ in the picture and it is a great IPA and lives up to the reviews.

    • I’m working on getting out to Dayton to check out Chappy’s with my boss. Travel budgets are tight…let’s hope that the expenses budget is still a little bit healthy! :o)

      • I have family in the Dayton area, micro breweries are popping up all over the place there, that would be a good trip if you could make it.

  2. I have been to the sunking brewery and it is a pretty cool little place but any where you go that gives you 6 free samples just for walking in the door is ok in my book especially when its pretty good beer. Check out Three Floyds ( ) website to see the crazy things they do I think you would be intrigued if you don’t know about them already.

    • Nice one. I’ll certainly take a look at the Three Floyds folks. I’ve heard of them, but not much more. Thanks for the tip! I like people that do crazy things with beer…

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