Co-op: Bumble Bee Honey Ale


I received a couple of bottles of this as a present for my birthday, which was nice.  Beer always makes such an acceptable present, don’t you think?

Normally I fight a little shy of own-brand beers, but as this was a present I got to try it risk free…and what with it being fair trade and all, it had some good things going for it.

Poured out into a glass, you get a decent amount of solid head, head that seems to stick around right to the end of the glass.

The aroma is almost very pale ale/lager-like, so I’m guessing the hops are English or Maybe European; If I had to stick my neck out, and believe me I don’t, I’d say it was Goldings for aroma.

The taste is initially quite sweet, with some pale malt in there somewhere and then a sort of dry bitterness takes over.

The beer’s a little over-carbonated which doesn’t exactly help with body – which is quite thin, but maybe that’s a side-effect of the honey?  Honey is known to ferment right out making yeasts seem super-attenuative and not leaving much substance or mouth-feel.

Bumble Bee is also not wildly refreshing, either…which is a shame, as refreshment is the order of the day during this heatwave.

So to sum up: it’s kind of drinkable, but not really to my taste.  I won’t be rushing back to stock up by any means.  If you like things like Budvar and Czech pils you’ll probably get on with this.

Naturally it came from the co-op, and price-wise I believe it’s something a little less than a couple of quid.

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