Brewdog: 5am Saint

5am Saint

5am Saint is, to my mind, the odd one out in the Brewdog range…I guess it’s because it seems to be more malt-led, rather than hop-led, like so many of their other beers.

Confession time:  I tasted this over a month ago, and then lost my notes, which I eventually found (note to self: in future write on phone directly into Evernote and not in spidery handwriting on a myriad of teeny-weeny scraps of beer-sodden paper.)

5am Saint goes a bit like this:

A “fizzy” tan head eventually fizzles out to a sparse covering atop a seriously amber-coloured beer.

While not having as vigorous an aroma as other Brewdog beers, it’s nice enough all the same and is subdued grassy, vegetal, hops ‘n’ malt.  Not much in the way of fruitiness here…but it’s different, it’s enticing and I kinda like it.

The taste leads out with a solid dark malt mouth-feel, that’s meshed nicely in with a smooth after-taste that tapers off into a dark, caramelly, spun-sugar sort of malt-induced bitterness; the whole thing is is nicely lingering, mouth-watering and seems to encourage you to “just have a little bit more”

This beer would probably be quite special on draught…I must try and find it somewhere.

I got mine from a supermarket somewhere for £1.75/£1.80 or something.  Either way all of the supermarkets have it, I guess…and quite honestly once you’re through the door they’re all the blimmin’ same.

Why not make your supermarket stand out from the crowd by sending me some free beer?  I’ll still be perfectly even-handed and impartial about my reviews, but it will mean that I’ll like you just that little bit more – and that’s got to be worth a whole pile of something, hasn’t it?

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