ABC: Gold and Purity: “Mad Goose” Pale Ale

Friday lunchtime saw my colleagues and I enjoying the hospitality of the Black Prince in Woodstock again.  It was nice weather and after a somewhat turbulent working week we thought we deserved it…only short reviews this time, I’m afraid.

live195785_puregoldABC Gold:
I’ve already reviewed Quark from the Aylesbury Brewhouse Company ( so I’m already familiar with how they roll.   This was a wonderfully clear, light coloured beer with a light hoppiness and malt aroma on the nose, refreshing with some hop bitterness in the flavour and a lovely long bitter aftertaste.

MadGooseHi-ResPumpClipPurity “Mad Goose” Pale Ale:
A nice russet brown colour, lightly mineral and malt aroma.  Long-lasting clean-looking head, soft malty mouth-feel with a fine bitter trailing edge.  Enjoyable and drinkable

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