Adnams: Ghost Ship

Adnams GS

Brrrr.  Shiver me timbers and all that jazz.  It’s Adnams Ghost Ship, a lovely pale ale that seems to be brewed in homage to all the shipwrecks and everything that have happened all up and down the Suffolk coast over the years.

I’m hoping that by this token one of the breweries around Oxfordshire will brew something up called Renten Rubber in homage to all of the shredded truck tyres that I seem to have to keep dodging when careening up and down the M40…

But I digress…

Ghost Ship pours a nice polished brassy-coppery colour (Bronze? My metallurgy has never been up to much) with a very sparse head, but no matter.

The aroma is complex, understated and surprisingly delicate – a little like a sea fret: lychees, tropical fruit and faint citrus waft back and forth in the air currents, while a firm underscoring of malt adds a background note of sweetness too.

The mouth-feel is slightly dryish, which would normally suggest the use of a brewing sugar, but if I know Adnams folks – and I don’t, but would like to – I suspect that they’ve mashed at a slightly lower temperature to get a more fermentable wort.  The taste is well-judged, delicate almost ethereal with a nice complexity and offers up perfect echoes of the aromas that I picked up to start with.  A matching taste and aroma combination.  Well done, Adnams.

This is a classic pale ale, but with just enough of an Adnams spin to get it that little bit different.  I had to buy mine in bottle form from a Supermarket somewhere in Suffolk.  I can’t get this in bottles in Oxfordshire…which is a shame.

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