Beck’s: Blue

Becks Blue

Yes.  It’s an low/non-alcoholic beer.  I make no apology for that, but ‘nor do Beck’s..and why shouldn’t they?  It’s a passable alternative to beer with alcohol in it…and between you and me it’s also the favourite tipple of pregnant and breast-feeding mums.

Now, I’ve no idea whether drinking Beck’s Blue during pregnancy or breast-feeding will harm your sprog.  It’s up to you, I’m not advocating it, I’m just saying about it.  Read up about it.  Make your choice.  Years ago they used to ply with you with Guiness when you were all gravid…and it was on the NHS too.  Prescription beer.  Lovely.


When you open the bottle you get the same kind of fizz that you get with those old Schweppes tonic mixers (I’m not coming across as too louche now, am I?)

Blue pours like a standard Beck’s – lots of bubbles, pale yellow in colour with a surprisingly durable head of foam.

Someone told me that it’s just standard Beck’s with the alcoholic content boiled off, after which it’s force-carbonated (like 95% of all bottled fizzy lagers and “light” beers)  I just don’t know what’s true…and please don’t even think about going to the Beck’s website to find out – it’s maddeningly “cool” and has all sorts of tedious hoopla all over it, but very little about the actual beer.

One of these days someone will cotton on that beer is actually all about the taste and satisfaction rather than any cool brand-association…


The aroma is good and potent, plenty of decent hops and malt in that Saazy, peppery, German beer sort of way…the other thing that it makes you realise is just how alcohol plays a big part of beer aroma; whilst Blue is pleasant enough there’s a gaping hole where the warmth of alcohol would normally be.

The taste doesn’t materialise very quickly due to the high level of effervescence, but when it does you get a reasonable European (well, German) style hoppiness and then a big blank spot of nothingness where the alcohol would be, then a quite reasonable dose of malt and a decent enough trailing bitterness.

All in all it’s fairly unremarkable…but if you were preggers, breast-feeding or driving, or simply doing something lenten (if you’re so inclined) then Beck’s Blue would fit the bill.  Just make sure that there’s some conversation, peanuts or a game of something going on to fill the gap where the alcohol would be.  After all, It’s a million times better than drinking sickly sweet brown “children’s” fizzy drinks.  …possibly the most maddeningly “cool” website in the world.

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