Co-Operative: Sourced Locally, Dark Ale

Co-op alesNot my photography, could you guess?

Sourced locally…that always sounds good to me.  I think it’s important to support local breweries.  You’d miss them if they closed…

This “Sourced Locally” Dark Ale is only available in East of England Co-ops, and is produced for them by the folks at the Nethergate brewery (they of the “Growler” fame)

In a glass, Dark Ale is almost black and it’s not until you proffer it to the light that it reveals it’s extraordinarily deep mahogany hue.  Perched a top of this is a lovely, lumpen tan head.

This beer has a really good aroma profile, all brown and crystal malt, a little minerality and a weirdly pleasing old leather-bound book sort tang.  Maybe this is a beer for sampling in a library?  Maybe not your local one, I’m thinking more of a gentleman’s club sort of set-up…you know.?

Taste-wise it’s solid malt and pleasing background note of bitterness. The malt is still firmly evident in the after-taste, as is subtle touch of bitterness.

The aroma is streets ahead of the taste which is nice and pleasant enough, but not world shaking.  In short: nice enough, but nothing that special.  It’s a shame because the aroma is quite intriguing, but the taste just doesn’t deliver what it should…

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