Brakspear: Bitter


Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby provide you with full disclosure: this is one of my favourite beers in the world, ever.  There I’ve said it.  I’ll do my best to be even-handed, but it’s going to be difficult.  I might run out of superlatives.

Brakspear Bitter pours a really nice conker brown, with a very healthy effervesence.  The head is lacy white and long-lasting.

This bitter doesn’t have a complex aroma by any means, but that’s of no importance; it’s solid.  Solid malt, malt and more malt; a light flinty minerality does poke through here and there, whilst a little hoppiness peeks over the top and around the edges.

Upon tasting you get a beautifully solid slab of bitterness to chew on, this is backed up by perfectly judged malty and toasty notes.  On the after-taste a second strident dose of bitter rides in to clout you roundly and give you something to think about.

You really wouldn’t know that Brakspear Bitter is only 3.4% ABV, as it’s that well-made…and as it’s not too strong, you can drink more of it.  Hooray!

Folks, this is a study in the style of the English bitter, along with Adnams Bitter I consider it to be one of the de-facto standard bitters by which others should be judged.

Brakspear even make their bitter in a special way, using the “double-dropped” fermentation method.  Read all about it here:

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, I can buy 500ml bottles of Brakspear Bitter from my local Aldi (in Banbury) for 99p a bottle.  Yes, I’ll repeat that…99p a bottle.

It’s an absolute bloody steal at that price.  I buy them ten at a time.  Aldi: I think I love you for that.  Brakspear: I love you for being you.

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