Adnams: Explorer


You know, when it comes to companies that sell products called Explorer, I much prefer Adnams to Microsoft…I mean, who wouldn’t?

One company delivers first-class products that satisfy in every aspect, whilst the other provides lacklustre products that infuriate and annoy in equal measure.  (Mind you I’ll grudgingly accept that Excel is pretty good and Word’s kind of OK.  It’s IE that’s really shit.  Thinking about it, there was also that talking fucking paperclip and that goofy bloody dog animation…both of which were shit)

Anyway that’s all by-the-by, we’re here to talk Adnams Explorer…

Coming out of the bottle it’s a fine, well, beery colour.  The blurb on the bottle promised new world hops, and in the aroma they were duly delivered – by the spadeful:  Citrus, mint, pine needles and an underpinning faint suggestion of beeswax.  Marvellous.

A heart effervescence gives way to a gently understated body…this beer certainly doesn’t carry too many extra pounds in that department.  Pleasant maltiness underscores upfront -but not over-bearing- piney, honeyed, hop notes that slowly diminish to a satisfying bitterness that occasionally parts to reveal echoes of piney aftertaste.

This isn’t a gigantic beer or a study in the art of heavy-handed hopping.  It’s delicate, expertly hopped and very enjoyable.

If you were someone who was curious about American IPAs, you’d do well to try Explorer as it showcases the American hop varieties they use beautifully, without the inevitable high alcohol and bitterness quotient that those hard-hitting craft IPAs tend to have.

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