Hobson’s “Postman’s Knock” Porter

20130917_191011I’m confused.  Why oh why did the folks at Hobsons Brewery call this porter “Postman’s Knock“?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I thought that game involved someone going outside while the rest of the group span a bottle – whoever got chosen by the bottle had to go outside and snog with the “postman“?

You’ve got to love us British for contrived parlour games, haven’t you.?

But that still doesn’t explain the name…maybe I’ll get the link as I go through this review…

I poured out Postman’s Knock (nope, I still don’t get it) into a glass, being careful not to upset the sediment as this is a bottle conditioned beer.  Colour-wise, it was suitably dark and more portery-brown than the russet of an ale or bitter.

A tan head squatted about on the top of the glass for a bit, before fizzling away to leave floaty islands of carbonation.

From the aroma I got rich chocolate and crystal malts – almost like a Young’s double chocolate stout; it actually smelt quite tempting on a cool, rainy, early autumn Oxfordshire evening.  Maybe my brain’s now re-tuning to heavier maltier beers with the change in the season.?

The taste of Postman’s Knock was not what I was expecting, it’s nowhere near as sweet and chocolatey as the aroma would have you believe, but that’s not a bad thing as it means there’s nothing cloying or over-bearing.  A little bitterness (like a bitter dark chocolate) fronts up a hefty tongue-encompassing maltiness which pervades for ages before little stabs of softened bitterness interject at the swallow.

The malt stays with you for a good while afterwards, riding whip hand alongside that subtle bitterness.

All-in-all this is a pleasant enough porter, the only thing that spoils it for me is the carbonation.  It’s just too fizzy…but I guess if you’re bottling you have to have carbonation, otherwise it’ll spoil.  If I had it again I’d open it 20 minutes before drinking and let it come up to room temperature.

In that 20 minutes maybe you could play a game of something with your wife, life partner, etc…hold on…I think I’ve just  worked it out…


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