Got a stinking cold…

…so that’s why there haven’t been many beer reviews of recent, but you can expect a deluge of them next week when I visit the US of A to attend some team meetings and also to maybe catch a few exciting over-the-top IPAs.

It looks very much like it’s the season for pumpkin-inspired beer over there and also imperial stouts and IPAs.  Marvellous.

My boss sent me a pic from a place that he visited the other week (Pies & Pints in Dayton, Ohio).  It’s a teeny bit blurry – but looking at the strengths of some of the stuff on tap, I should imagine his vision was too…

I hope to go to Pies & Pints during my visit, too.  Even if our dear friends across the water still insist on calling pizzas “pies”.  No, I don’t know, either…


Probably best to click on the image for the full size version…

You can enjoy the full menu, as I hope to next week, at their website here:

2 thoughts on “Got a stinking cold…

  1. My vision wasn’t blurry … was just so excited about all the IPAs that I didn’t have time to hit focus on the iPhone. Saw the same reaction from the esteemed author last week too 🙂

  2. My vision was… I’m surprised I didn’t turn green that week with all the hops I was getting. Beer of the week? Fat Head’s Head Hunter – without a shadow of a doubt, followed by Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale…

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