Bell’s: Two-Hearted Ale

KBC Two Hearted Ale

Hi Bell’s

It’s Jon…   I just wanted to drop you a short note to apologise for being far too knackered and frazzled to really appreciate your excellent Two-Hearted Ale.

It was somewhere around 10pm (i.e. 3am in my home time zone) when I ordered up some from the tap in JW Alexanders in Dayton.  I could barely keep my eyes open as I was vigorously and comprehensively assailed by your beautiful and rather excellent beer.

The wondrously intense hop aroma should have floored me more, the amazingly competent malt schedule should have had me chewing my dining companion’s ear off about it’s majesty.  The ability of your -no doubt- extraordinary hopping schedule to literally carpet every inch of spare mouth-space with a verdant green and lovely hoppiness should have had me in raptures.

But I was stone too tired.  I mean; on my knees, obliterated…

I shall make it up to you by enjoying your beer again sometime this week.  I will make room for it, I promise.

With deepest apologies,


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