Dogfish Head Sixty Minute IPA


Well here I am in the good old US of A.  It’s just after 6am Dayton time (11am in my home time zone) I’m propped up in bed in my hotel room with some filter coffee.  I got in yesterday after a marathon travel episode…and obviously whilst travelling one should always ensure that one is hydrated, shouldn’t one?

I was intensely excited to find that even the sports bar at Philadelphia airport had a good selection of craft beers (you US folks DO NOT know how lucky you are…if this was the UK airport bar there would be a choice of piss-coloured lagers, synthetic ciders and some very badly kept cask ales.)

I was even more intensely excited to find Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA in bottles.  So I had one…

During brewing, the 60 minute IPA is hopped once a minute, every minute for 60 minutes, during the boil; which would go to explain why there are absolutely no gaps in the spectrum of hop influences in this beer: right from bitterness through taste, to aroma…

Hands-a-tremble (long flight, low blood sugar and shagged) I poured it out: and got a nice lightly brassy coloured beer.  A high carbonation bore aloft a very stable, sticky, head.  This head hung about for the entire duration of this beer.

One the nose there were indistinct, but strongly smelling hops and a pleasing background malty minerality.

I could best describe the body of this beer as lagerish – which, I know doesn’t help much, but it was lightly malty, clean and nicely balanced.

Then the hops came on: BAM!  An instant mouth-full of bright-green vegetative hops…just like having a handful of damp hops from the brew kettle rendered in 3D in your mouth…and that hoppiness doesn’t go away it kicks back and hangs around whilst a beautifully clean bitterness saunters in and pulls up a seat next to it like a lover:

The conversation goes back and forth after the swallow, the bitterness and hoppiness taking to turns to speak, the words permeating every taste bud; teasing, prickling and reminding you over and over again just how good they are as a  couple…

This is an excellent beer, maybe not as mental in strength, body, hoppiness and mouthfeel as some of the big bruiser IPAs, but it’s accomplished, tasty, lingering and well worth seeking out.

Dogfish Head beer is just not available in the UK.  To my mind this is the definitive name in US craft beer and I look forward to coming across more of their beers during my week here.  The 120minute IPA, if I can find it, promises to be a very special beer indeed…

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