Lindeman’s: Framboise Lambic

framboiseAfter a couple of IPAs last night I was starting to crave something a bit different.  Lindeman’s came to the rescue with their framboise (raspberry) lambic.

If you’re a regular reader you know that I’m quite keen on Lambics and how they’re made, if you want the complete 101 on that you can always read up on Wikipedia here: or even check out Mike Tonsmeiere’s excellent Mad Fermentationist site – which has more experiments, comment on and reviews of Lambics and sours than anywhere else on the ‘net:

The Lindeman’s Framboise was an extraordinary vision of fairground pinkness when it arrived.  In a tall glass it was the beer world’s equivalent of Danny La Rue.  You would probably not want to drink this in your local – as you’d soon know about it from the other regulars.

The beer was hazy, boiled sweet rhubarb red and the head was the most obscene candy-floss pink.  An aroma was of pungent sweet raspberries coupled with just a hint of dry, untouched-for-years, attic.

The taste was all at once a tumult of sour followed by sweet raspberry and then intense bone-dry raspberry pips -you remember the first time as a kid when you crushed a raspberry pip in your teeth?  Lindemans make this with real fruit and you can certainly tell that.

The mouthfeel at first seems thin, until your mouth fills with flavour and dryness and pips and everything – until it’s over-crowdingly mouthfilling…then you swallow and the whole thing reverberates around until you’re left with a dry mouth and feeling the urge to take another sip and careen down the rollercoaster just one more time.

This beer is both heady and intoxicating in it’s taste and fragrance.  Hugely complex, but at times very sweet…if you don’t like sweet – you probably won’t like this.  If, on the other hand, you fancy a fairground ride of a beer (in every sense of the word) then this is for you.

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