Fat Head’s: Headhunter IPA

headhunter IPA

Out of all the beers that I’ve wanted to try this week, this one has been top of my list.  I’ve heard so many good things about it…

The aroma seemed to arrive before the waiter had even put the glass in front of me and when I got up close and personal with it (not the waiter, mind) it revealed a colour of burnt orange and with a haziness that suggested dry-hopping of monstrous proportions.

It sat there brooding, stickily and foamily in the glass like a dare, while a aroma of HUGE awesomely fresh hop aroma of citrus, grapefruit zest, lemon and tropical fruits leapt from the glass and punched through my consciousness to my very inner soul.

Upon tasting my mind registered brief maltiness before the hops flooded in and slayed my taste buds with that same over-the-top hoppiness that now seemed to be seeping into the very fabric of my brain.  This beer is all about the hops, in fact I can’t say that the mouth feel even troubled my thoughts.

On the aftertaste, pine and citrus ran hard and long…and included a magnificent clean bitterness, that rode shotgun with the hop mentalness and laughed as it unloaded both barrels into my tongue…

Ladies and gentleman, this is the the best that I have tried yet.  It’s almost worth the price of the air fare alone.  Somebody please import this to the UK.  It must be done.  I command it.

(I just looked at the site…I always look at the site after I’ve reviewed the beer, then I can’t be swayed…Crikey, it’s won some awards.)

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