Full Pint: Wet-hopped Chinookie IPA

ChinookieI “borrowed” this pic from the Internet, as I was just too stupid to photograph the tap.  Thanks to “Leonard”

Colour-wise: light copper orange with a decent amount of lacy, sticky head.  The aroma is all Chinook: properly herbal, earthy, slightly piney and with a nice line of mild citrus running through the back end.

Upon tasting, you immediately get slammed with a circa 103IBU bitterness that hauls a huge dank herbal bitterness across your tongue.  Prickly citrus notes flicker around like summer lightning but don’t detract at all from the from the solid blanket of dank.  The bitterness that pervades is clean as a whistle.

With an Intense hop bitterness character and a decent backdrop of malt….means that this beer has a very balanced mouth feel.  The resiny fresh hop aftertaste seems to go on, and on, and on…

My first taste of a wet-hopped IPA and very good it was too…


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