Green Flash: Hop Symposium IPA


Green flash tell us that this beer is a symposium and is all about hop extravagance.  You can certainly tell that from it’s character…

The aroma was floral and perfumed and sweet and clean.  Multiple hop varieties compete to shine.  It’s a more inviting aroma than some other IPAs as it’s not as hard-edged and in-your-face.  Pale hazy copper in colour and sporting a fairly slack and sticky head this stuff is tempting.

The first sip brought mouthfuls of orange and florality – orange seeming to dominate, maybe that’s the Amarillo taking a leading role?  A lovely clean malt profile means that the hop taste is vigorously propelled into your taste buds.  As the bitterness comes on more perfume and pine are ladled across your mouth.

The after taste is long on bitter with piney notes dominating.  Overall this beer is marvellously fresh and complex.  Well worth a try if you see it.

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