Cellar Dweller: Jeremiah IPA

cellar-dwellerWhilst in Dayton and following my mantra that it’s important to drink local beers – at least some of the time, I thought I’d give the Cellar Dweller folks a whirl.  Cellar Dweller are from Ohio and the brewery appears to be a spin-off company from the Valley Vineyards venture.

The Jeremiah IPA is named after a local bigwig: Jeremiah Morrow who -appropriately enough- founded the town of Morrow in Ohio…anyway, that’s quite enough history…

Jeremiah (the beer, not the man) pours a surprisingly clear orange.  I say surprisingly clear as all of the US IPAs tend to be slightly clouded due to the mammoth dry-hopping regimes they employ.  Maybe Cellar Dweller use a hop-back or hop rocket to get the aroma rather than dry hopping?

That said, the aroma is all assertive pines and orange and some sweet malt.  It’s a good aroma and one that I enjoyed a lot.

On the taste was a very resinous hop edge that introduced pines, a slightly burnt orange note and dark caramel.  An extraordinary bitter finish joined up nicely with the piney orange.

My notes from that night say “Assertive, Invasive, Pervasive and bitter as hell…in a very good way


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