Victory: Hop Devil

hopdevilThis was the last beer from my trip to the states…sampled in Philadelphia airport’s branch of Chickie’s and Pete’s…with a massive Philly Cheese Steak.

From draught the Hop Devil was that familiar US IPA orange with a great clarity, maybe it’s not as dry-hopped as others?  Maybe it’s keg fined?  Who knows…

The aroma was big, fragrant and inviting, probably like Diana Dors at her peak (I’m really not that old, either) if I didn’t know any better – and believe me folks, I don’t – I’d guess that Cascade featured strongly in the hopping of Hop Devil.

When tasted the malt and hops arrived, hand-in-hand, together – which was great; that means that the whole taste was available at once and not sequential like so many other beers.  Piney and spicey with just a little florality, Hop Devil tasted perfect.

Despite it’s name, Hop Devil was nowhere near as assertive in bitterness as the other IPAs I’d tasted over the week, but it was balanced and damned tasty, in fact the pint lasted less than 6 minutes.

All in all this was an excellent beer to end my week of hop mentalness.  I only managed to remember to bring back one bottle of beer from the US and by pure fluke it happened to be Hop Devil.  I’ll do the bottle version as a separate compare and contrast exercise…

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