Conwy Brewery: Riptide Black IPA


This will be a short review as I had this beer as the last drink of the night on a stag-do – which involved several pints of Guinness, an afternoon of tutored cocktail-making (and drinking) plus an Indian meal with some pints of passable Cobra.

Out of all the drinks I had over the course of the evening this one stuck in my mind the most…in fact I can still taste it…It was that good.

Black, I mean pitch black and attractive looking in the glass.  Not a vast aroma but tempting all the same.  An attacking bitterness on the first sip followed by a surge of hoppiness (NOT American IPA strength, but very hoppy all the same) then a looong dose of lip-smacking dark malts and a final incredibly looong lasting satisfying aftertaste of bitter and dark malts and hops.

In a word spectacular.  Folks, if we want to get crafty in this country this is a damn good way to start.

…perfectly kept and enjoyed in “Far From the Madding Crowd” in Oxford Town Centre:

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