Vale Brewery: Thame’in of the Brew

Thame_in_of_The_Brew-1378829210This beer wins the prize for most convoluted name of a beer ever, and it seems we’ve got a certain Jim Crew to thank for it.  No, I didn’t know who he was, either.  Full disclosure on how it came about, who he is, etc. here:

(it’s not that exciting a story, but the Bucks free press must take what they can, I guess…mind you, if they’re looking for a beer or restaurant reviewer I’m only an email away…think of that BFP, I could increase your readership by literally a few a week)

But anyway, enough about Mr Crew and his crazy brew-naming*…

I enjoyed this, as I do many a good, well-kept pint, at the Black Prince in Woodstock.  Appearing in a pint glass, TOTB is crystal clear and a really lovely gingery colour.

On the aroma I got a good noseful of firm maltiness, all backed up by a gentle undercurrent of minerality.   TOTB was clean-tasting, with a little bitterness upfront and nicely malty with a slight fruitiness from the yeast evident.

The after-taste was long-lasting and brought along an enduring bitterness and some hop notes.

All-in-all this was tasty, fruity and interesting.  I recommend scoring yourself a pint if you see it on sale.

(*PS: I suspect Will Shakespeare also creaked around in his grave a bit too…)

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