Hopping Mad: Patriot

I couldn’t find a picture of the pump-clip anywhere on the ‘net, so there isn’t one here (yet)

A beer on tap in The Black Prince in Woodstock purporting to be an American Style Pale Ale and claiming to be three-times hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo?  That I just had to try…I mean why wouldn’t I?

My first sight of Patriot got me a bit excited as it was hazy-looking – you know – like a decent dry-hopped beer should be.  Promising.  The head also looked all sticky and inviting too…

The aroma certainly didn’t bowl me over, I was expecting something fairly pungent: citrusy, resiny and maybe just a bit orangey…but didn’t get it.  I mean it smelt good enough – a vague vegetal hoppiness, but there’s no way that I should have been able to smell the maltiness over the hops…not in a US style Pale Ale that’s apparently been hopped three times!

Fortunately the taste came to the rescue; being all thick malty and sweet with a bristling hogs back of bitterness.  Hop taste evident was not huge, but resiny, vegetal and lightly mouth-coating.

The bitterness hung about quite a while in the aftertaste and there was definitely a theme of hoppiness there, too.

Patriot is almost there as an American IPA but needs to be a bit more pumped up, if a beer claims to be an American style Pale Ale then it’s got to walk the walk these days, and not just talk the talk.

Joe Public can get Goose Island and the suchlike in even the most distant outposts of Sainsbury’s these days, and Joe Public will know the difference…believe me, they’ll know…  GK Yardbird being a particular case in point…


2 thoughts on “Hopping Mad: Patriot

    • Ah lovely. I’ll have to see if I can borrow that from them. I usually credit folks other than the breweries if I use their pictures, I figure the breweries are happy that someone’s writing about their beer!

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