Adnams: Lighthouse


Stormy weather
Just can’t get my poorself together,
I’m weary all the time
So weary all the time
When he went away the blues walked in and met me.
If he stays away old rockin’ chair will get me.

Just like Billie Holliday when she chirped out this catchy little upbeat number, we in the UK have been suffering from stormy weather.

Most of us got through it OK, and even more of us -unlike dear old Billie- were lucky enough not to be under threat of imminent attack by the furniture.

Looking at the lyrics I think she probably could have done with going to the quack to get some pills down her gills…

Anyway, whilst rummaging about in the cupboard for something to drink I came across a bottle of Adnams Lighthouse – which seemed extraordinarily apposite given all this storm-based hoopla we’ve all just experienced.

Lighthouse is indeed a guiding light for us all, and a lesson in how to make a small beer big.  At 3.4%, Lighthouse is definitely on the low ABV side, but Adnams have woven their magic yet again to make something that feels a whole lot bigger.

Appearing in the glass as a light polished copper colour, Lighthouse held up a head that quickly fell back to a slick sea-foam covering.

The aroma was of honeyed golden maltiness and minerality. Light and fresh smelling, like a bracing walk on the beach.

The body of Lighthouse was good and thick, I’m guessing generous dextrins helped out a lot here…maybe they mashed just that little bit higher to encourage the cheeky blighters?   Maltiness abounds in the taste accompanied by a delicate, light hoppiness.

The after-taste was long and elegantly bitter with resiny, piney hops in the mix.

All this taste, texture and enjoyment in such a “small” beer…  Well done, Adnams  (again!)

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