Getting some brews on…

I haven’t managed to get wort into the brew kettle (or Braumeister, if we’re going to pedantic about it) for ages, and that sort of bone-idleness just has to stop. Period.

So I’ve got two VERY exciting recipes worked out.  The ingredients have now all been ordered from Rob at The Malt Miller ( ) as of last night at 10pm and he’s just mailed me to say that the order is already dispatched and winging it’s way to me, so I’ll get it tomorrow in the morning. first thing.

That’s why I now always order my ingredients from him.


Brew Number 1: Cascadian Dark Ale

This time it’ll be properly dark US IPA style, thanks to some Carafa II (dehusked, roast malt) along with a dose of Munich – to really accent the malt baseline.  200gms of Chinook and Cascade split between the boil and for KEG-HOPPING will really push the needle hops-wise.

Brew Number 2: A Thornbridge Kipling Clone

I love Thornbridge beers, I really do and Kipling’s punchiness of new-world Nelson Sauvin hops is especially close to my heart.  I shamelessly found and stole the recipe from a post on JBK by tfxm who apparently used to work at Thornbridge:

Full recipes will follow with the brew day reports…I need to do them soon as Christmas is-a-coming.  God preserve us all.

3 thoughts on “Getting some brews on…

  1. Mate your killing me, you’ve got a Braumeister and your not using it! Those things are the bomb and I’d kill to own one. Get out there and have a go ya mug 🙂

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