Siren: Liquid Mistress

liquid_mistressLiquid Mistress was the second of my beers at the Holborn Whippet and was recommended to me by the helpful, well-informed bespectacled chap behind the bar.  I’ve only had a couple of drinks in there, but Christ I could move in tomorrow, the beer selection is that good. (

After tasting Magic Rock’s Dark Arts, I found myself in a distinctly hoppy (happy?) frame of mind, so Liquid Mistress seemed to fit the bill exactly.  A west coast red IPA…and made in England too.  Excuse me, I have to have a bath now…

Siren are another UK brewery that are catching and very successfully riding the great UK craft beer wave that’s looking to engulf all of us in gorgeous, malty, hoppiness.  Like Magic Rock, Siren have got the whole thing bang on.  I am now permanently doffing my hat to them too. (…and I only have a certain amount of hats)

My Liquid Mistress came to me (did I really just say “My Liquid Mistress“? Oh Eve, forgive me…)  in a mysterious boiled-sweet red opacity, beskirted in an aroma of almost candyish sweet malt and west coast hops.

When sipped the first thing that struck was the extraordinarily beautiful mouth feel, which was sumptuously velvety. Then a huge mouthful of taste: rich and sweet and fruity and dark and red with resinous hops. Unctuous and crazily drinkable. A long and pervasive aftertaste was like the proverbial siren’s call, and believe me you’d have to be pretty firmly tied to the mast to stop you drinking more.

Quite literally one of the best beers I’ve had on tap for a long time; complex, mysterious, inviting and beguiling.  Liquid Mistress beats the pants off of some of the beers that I had in the US…and they’re supposed to be quite good at this craft beer stuff over there…

Speechless in admiration.  Almost perfect…a damn near religious experience…

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