Wolf Brewery: Granny Wouldn’t like it

WolfBreweryGrannyWouldntLikeItThis beer is a tawny coppery reddish brown with a thinnish head that hangs about for a good while.

The aroma is heavily malty (chocolate and crystal malt are a significant constituent, so I understand), with a little yeast fruitiness. Somewhere in amongst is a faint, yet enticing, sour note.

The taste: shovelfuls of malt, those nice fruity yeast notes and a little sourness on the coat-tails that’s refreshing and mouth watering…the bitterness appears towards the end of the taste and is underscored by that hefty malt presence.

This has to be one of the maltiest beers I’ve tried in a long time.  But I did enjoy it, and I should imagine it’s a beer that would be very special on cask.

Definitely worth a try if you should see it…  If Granny had any sense about her then she really ought to like it…


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