Porterhouse Brewery: Wrasslers XXXX Full Stout

I don’t come across many beers where there’s a warning on the label…

The Wrasslers label warned me that this is a proper Irish stout (and brewed in Ireland too!), and I use the word “warned” as it’s actually presented as a warning.   I’ve no idea why, though?  Maybe to warn off all those people who drink extra cold Guiness…i.e. people who are afraid of their beer having any taste whatsoever?

Wrasslers appears thick, jet black and sporting a far lighter white head than it has any business to.

The aroma is eye-poppingly intense: lovely heavy roast barley, heavily roasted coffee and thickly malty.  I fell in love with this stout from the aroma alone.

The taste is a heady riot of espresso, dark bitter chocolate, caramel, and gorgeous dark malts. More roast than a month of Sundays and like a really excellent cup of espresso. Splendidly bitter.

The aftertaste actually develops the further away you get from the swallow – with more coffee, and caramel and roastiness all whirling around yet firmly nailed into place by that excellent darkly bitter bassline.

God it’s good.  Complex, strong and with a taste to really think about.  I can’t recommend this stout more highly.


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