Unlocking the genetics of yeast…

I see White Labs are putting some effort into decoding the genetics that make up everyone’s favourite yeasty funsters Sacchromyces Cerevisiae.  There’s a small article about it at Wired.co.uk:


Now, try as I might, I can’t find much information on the actual White Labs site? (http://www.whitelabs.com)

If the truth be told I probably missed it as I got caught up reading a whole lot of other stuff about exciting yeast strains – especially as I’ve been enjoying some Belgian Pale Ales recently and have a hankering to brew some up*

Sorry Fermentis, US-05 just won’t cut it this time.  I need something a whole pile fruitier:


Best headline comment in the reviews: “This made an excellent fruity blonde!”  Sounds a bit like my wife.  No, stop it…

(*God, I haven’t even made the Cascadian Dark IPA yet and I’m planning the brew that’ll follow that.  Such is the joy of brewing.  Oh, you don’t brew?  Why not?  JUST DO IT.)

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