Brouwerij Van Steenberge: Bruegel

20131117_175503Bruegel is officially the beer that no-one wants to own up to…at least that what it seems like.  I’ve tried to find it on the Van Steenberge brewery site and it just don’t show up.  I’m not sure I understand their reticence as it this is a perfectly enjoyable amber ale.

Bruegel is a lovely light coppery amber colour with a fine running bead of carbonation and a dense foamy, rocky head.

This is one of those beers that – like Pilseners et al – suits a healthy bit of fizz.

From the aroma I got some of those fruity yeasty phenols; some additional “cheap penny sweet” notes (I have no other words for this taste and I can’t use Bubblegum again!), there’s also the very faintest ripened banana too.

Ain’t it great that you can squeeze so much out of a distinctive yeast strain?  Remember this beer is just water, malt, hops and yeast…

The taste is all at once sweetly and breadily malty, yeastily fruity and carries along a light refreshing bitterness.  A lot of the aromas feature again in the taste, which is always a bonus – and by now you should know what a stickler I am for having the aroma and taste in sync.

The aftertaste lingers and has a trailing edge of bitterness, provided by a respectable amount of hops that are there purely for bittering/preservative duties.

Certainly not the most taste-laden Belgian I’ve had, but very enjoyable all the same.  This was another bottle from my in-laws’ Beers of Europe selection.  Hooray for free beer…

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