Courage: Light Ale


Oh my crikey, I’ve just stepped into a time-machine and re-connected with my youth.

Can you imagine that back then – when I was *a-hem* eighteen the nearest we had to proper beer in our local was Wells Bombardier on hand-pull and farty old Wadworths 6x (Sorry, Wadworths)  Sure, it had loads of piss-flavoured lager, but that didn’t count…

We used to drink the horrible Morland Keg bitter with a lemonade top, mainly because we were young and stupid, but clever enough to know that that that keg stuff was shit.

Morland Keg didn’t get asked for at the bar as “a pint of ditch water, please” for nothing…

If we were feeling flush we could also buy light and bitter, which was half-and-half shit keg bitter with a Courage light ale; it was passable and at least made the bitter half-drinkable.

Anyway, Eve saw some bloke at the Chipping Norton Friday market flogging off bottles of Courage light ale for a quid a pop, so she bought me one to review…even though said bloke was somewhat crestfallen to discover that she wasn’t going to buy the whole case.

This is going to be a short review as this is a short beer…

Beautiful clear and golden burnish colouration, with a wispy, disappeary sort of head.

Very light reedy malts combine with very light lilting hops to make up a very faint but evocative aroma (maybe for me, only, though.)

Courage light ale is way over-carbonated which is a good thing as it probably helps to mask the thinness of body.  You know how soda water is, where you can taste the CO2?  That’s what this is like.   In the taste is also some malt and a little bitterness.

It’s so light it nearly blew out of the glass and out of the window.  It’s not bad, it’s not bad at all.  It’s just not good.

Still it took me back down memory lane for a while – which I’m thankful for…

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