Mayfields Brewery: Auntie Myrtle


Now for an offering by the Mayfields folks out of Herefordshire.  Apparently this is a single hop beer (English fuggles) – which you don’t tend to see too often…

Auntie Myrtle pours a nice amber colour, with a small off-white head.

The aroma is a bit of wood, fruity yeast and dark malts.  There’s a tiny little bit of wood in the aroma too, but not so much that you’d notice.

The flavour is very much led by that yeasty fruitiness – which overlays a solid maltiness, the maltiness being inspired by the darker and crystal varieties.  There’s another interesting sort of bucolic earthiness taste in the mix too – probably due to that distinctive yeast.

The aftertaste it’s not a million miles away from the taste, and accompanies a decent enough bitterness too.

I reckon that a bit of Auntie Myrtle would be perfect with your Christmas nuts.  (See, there’s always a few column inches available for some seasonal smut.)!beer/c11rf

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