Saltaire Stateside IPA


What with Christmas stampeding up and two young children stampeding about the place it’s all been rather hectic – hence the small hiatus in my postings.  But never fear, I’m back for a couple more before we all end up teetering on the brink of yet another new year.

Does anyone have a clue what happened to to 2013?  It was all a bit of a blur…

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be given a Saltaire Stateside IPA when visiting friends near Wallingford.

Now, I now that we’ve had some US IPA pretenders over the last few weeks, but this is one Yorkshire-made beer that almost pulls it off…

Stateside poured a clear amber-copper colour with a lively white head that disappeared very rapidly.  No haze in the beer – which normally means that it’s not been dry-hopped nearly enough…but I guess the English are used to having bright beer, so bright beer they shall have.

The aroma was quite malty with some decent enough hoppiness and a leading edge of citrus.

Upon tasting, a reasonable carbonation made way for a solid maltiness and a really excellent bitterness.  Crisp citrussy hoppiness popped about in the mouth and complemented the bitterness – which helped to stitch the whole package together quite neatly.

Well worth it.  I enjoyed it enormously.  It’s not quite a US IPA – but it’s certainly the best with these sort of pretensions I’ve had in a while.

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