Flying Dog: Underdog Transatlantic Lager


Hmm.  Lager is one of those styles that seems to carry more baggage than Joan Collins on a trip to Barbados.

The English drink more lager than any other type of beer – an interesting fact that I’ve just made up, but surely must be true…  Theoretically the English should be connoisseurs of the style…

…but unfortunately they’re not.  The English tend to like mass-produced fizzy piss in cans or served out of kegs “down the boozer”

Generic Lager is usually a bland, tasteless, uninteresting vehicle to oblivion…and if that’s not bad enough, big breweries encourage English drinkers to “enjoy” it ice cold (it’s all the rage you know) so it tastes of even less.  Your average punter may as well be drinking yellow soda water…

So with all of that in mind, I buried my prejudices and took an objective stance when tasting Underdog from Flying Dog…hoping that it might be a revelation and open a whole new avenue of beer enjoyment to me.

My beer arrived in it’s bottle accompanied by a dirty glass – a glass with someone’s phone number in lipstick on it that was only partially washed off.  Nice.  Fortunately the staff at The Pinto Lounge in Banbury were able to replace it with minimal fuss.  I’m afraid that I can’t be too effusive about the burger that I ordered, I mean it was nice enough, but it was so small and measly (as was the portion of chips)…and was a complete non-snip at nearly a tenner.  Look:



Anyway, the Underdog bottle itself is a work of art…literally.  Good Old Ralph Steadman – my edition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is illustrated by him…

Underdog was a typically lagery yellow with sprightly running beads of carbonation.  The aroma was fresh smelling – just like a lager should be – with a slightly grainy note and a faintly bready malty sort of thing about it.

The taste was fresh, clean, and not that remarkable. I know lagers are supposed to be clean-tasting but this was too clean – almost empty tasting, I was able to detect some hoppiness and then an inevitable clean bitterness.

Maybe I’m just not a lager liker…I think I’ll have to try a couple of others to see of I can find an example I really dig…

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