North Cotswold Brewery: Cotswold Best


Very pale for a best, with a decent stickyish-looking head and a slight haze…but it was served rather cold, so might have been a touch of chill haze?  The nose was pleasant and grainy and didn’t contain much in the way of hop character – but why should it?  It’s a best bitter…

The body was generous, and had a light maltiness about it with an almost nutty quality.

There was a good strong bitterness in the after taste, and a nice long lingering maltiness about it, too…

Not my idea of a best bitter, seemed more like a summer beer to me.  In any case it was tasty, thirst-quenching, refreshing and just what I was after on a lunchtime in Stratford-upon-Avon.

We ate at No.9 Church Street ( which we always make a beeline for whenever we’re in Stratford.  They do a nice fixed price lunchtime or pre-theatre menu, which is always excellent – especially the Steak Bavette.  Mmmm.  Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are an additional bonus, too.

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