Cliff Quay Brewery: Bitter

20140106_195800Here’s another beer that was brought to me by my father-in-law.  As father-in-laws go, I can’t complain at all: he has a decent line in conversation, an appreciation of scotch, decent coffee and beer.  What more could I ask for?  More beer probably, but that might be taking the piss – packed to the gunwales as I am with beer at the moment.

The Cliff Quay folks are based in Ipswich and seem to have a sea-faring based range of beers on offer.  This is my first experience of them as a brewer and I certainly can’t say I’m unimpressed…

Pouring out a healthy mahogany-brown, Cliff Quay Bitter also possess a nice, almost lacy, lasting head

The nose is slightly sulphurous, with a grainy, malty aroma and some nice yeast notes.

The hops and malt pair up very nicely to deliver a thirst quenching first sip, which is backed up by a nice flinty bitter quality that pervades through the swallow.

This is a very nice example of a classic bitter. A Yorkshire brewer would be proud to have made something this good…

Well worth seeking out, especially if you’re down Ipswich way…

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