Wychwood Brewery: Hobgoblin


Here’s another beer from another of my local breweries.  Wychwood are the folks we must thank for saving and reviving the old Brakspear brewery name and line of beers.  I’d buy Wychwood beer on the strength of that alone, so it’s something of a bonus that their own beers are very nice indeed too.

Hobgoblin is without doubt a very poular beer and appears to be available nationwide.  I’ve also heard from folks in Ohio, USA, that they get it from time-to-time…

Hobgoblin pours a very deep garnety-brown and is clear as a bell, albeit very dark in colour.  The carbonation is strong and healthy.

Aroma-wise it’s strongly malty with a touch of sulphury-mineral earthiness. I think it’s probably crystal malt that makes up the bulk of the aroma.

The taste is deeply malty, with a theme of red berry fruits and an excellent malt-sweetness.  Hobgoblin isn’t desperately bitter, but the lovely lingering fruitiness coupled with a dryish finish more than makes up for that.

The alcohol is just about detectable but doesn’t poke out – being content to simply bed down and contribute to the other flavours.

All-an-all a good solid mouthful of beer.  No wonder Hobgoblin sells so well.


(Argh!  Flash Attack!  Please stop putting so much flash on your site, Wychwood.  I was virtually convulsing after a minute of looking at it.  The above link should be minus the flash, I hope.)

3 thoughts on “Wychwood Brewery: Hobgoblin

  1. Hey Jon – get your chops around a ‘Hobgoblin Gold’ – hoppy & citrusy… aka bloody lovely!

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