St. Peter’s: Best Bitter


The kids are asleep, it must be time for a beer…

Dontcha just love St. Peter’s and their crazy bottles?  It’s a sure-fire way of standing out from the crowd…and you know how I can go on about making beers stand out…

I’m not overly familiar with St Peter’s output – but hope to be in future, based on my experience of this particular beer*.

(*Obviously the St. Peter’s folks – or any other brewers – are more than welcome to send me beers for review; all you have to do is email…I mean, the site is now getting between 200-300 hits per week, so it wouldn’t be completely wasted…)

St. Peter’s best bitter arrives in the glass without ceremony – but certainly looks the part with a suitably best bitter brown demeanour about it and a tasty looking head.   There’s not a vast amount of aroma – just a little maltiness, but hey, it’s a bitter – big aromas just aren’t in the style.

The taste is refreshing with a well-judged light fruity maltiness and a very respectable bitterness that just goes on and on.

This is text book best bitter styling from St Peter’s: mouth-wateringly drinkable, satisfying to the last – with just enough complexity to keep you interested – and just low enough in alcohol (3.7%) to keep you quaffing.

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