Partizan: IPA


WARNING: piss-poor photography alert

An English-made US-Style IPA is the sort of thing that gets me all excited and hot under the collar…it’s that feeling of drinking at the bleeding edge of English brewing that does it, I think.  I get the same sort of thrill from The Kernel, Siren and Magic Rock’s beers.

This bottle of Partizan IPA is another of my purchases from Westholme stores in Goring (I’m quite sure I couldn’t lay my hands on a bottle of it anywhere else outside of London for love ‘nor money.  That’s the trouble with the leading/bleeding edge, it’s just so non-provincial)

Partizan IPA has to be poured carefully as it’s bottle-conditioned and in doing so, produced a very large and lovely-looking snow-white head.

Appearance-wise, a very light straw colour with spritzery, ample effervescence and just the vaguest of haze…which I hoped very much was from dry-hopping.

The nose is gloriously honeyish malt and heady hops – which contribute summery, floral and spiky pine needle notes.  A teasing little resinous hint appears just a little later and helps to brings the whole together.

The taste is mouth-filling ethereal hops and light tasty malt that exactly echo the notes found in the aroma.

As Partizan IPA is not as bitter or as hefty in the mouth-feel as the traditional US IPA style dictates, you get to appreciate the sheer craft that went into brewing this beer…this is powerful, expert hopping – delivered with a velvet glove…

(…and just the like the folks at The Kernel brewery, it seems as if Partizan aren’t afraid to mix it up a bit hops-wise.  Study the bottle it’ll tell you what hops it’s got.  Shame I forgot to take note of what I had in mine…I think I was enjoying it too much…)

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