Skinner’s: Cornish Knocker


(Yes, yes, I know it’s on the piss.  My photography really is going to pot lately)

Now you know that I’m not a fan of cartoony, goofy labels – but in this case, because the beer’s so good, I’m going to let it pass.  I still don’t like them, though…

One more thought before I get into the review proper…what is it with the English and their love of Cornish beers?  Do I only notice this because Cornish brewers are the only ones who say where their beer’s brewed?  Or is it because the Cornish are particularly good at brewing?  Or are Cornish(wo)men prouder of their birthplace?  Who knows…

To prove the point, think about Proper Job, Tribute, Doom Bar and now Cornish Knocker.  All decent, drinkable, volume selling beers – all from Cornwall.  Funny isn’t it?

Anyhow:  Knocker arrives in a glass a very nice bright harvest gold colour, with a thinnish, but persistent white head.

With a very generous nose of biscuity malt, cereals and honeyed sweetness, this is a attractive looking and alluring pint.

Upon first sup you get a really lovely mouth full of sweetly soft, “beery” beer; a beer that’s not particularly bitter, but does have a sustaining aftertaste that just goes on and on, a very refreshing drop indeed…floral, honeyed and quite possibly one of the best beers that you could hope for on a summer’s day (it’s pissing it down again as I write this…)

Knocker is dangerously drinkable…really. I’m not just saying that: I only had one bottle to taste and as soon as it was gone (and by crikey it was gone quickly) I wanted another.

Don’t look at it on the shelf, take it off of the shelf and buy it…

(that’s the other bit I enjoy…writing all that above and then going off to get the hyperlink from the brewer’s web site; very often there’s also the brewer’s tasting notes on the page – and it’s always fun to see if my tasting agrees with theirs…it did this time, well and truly…)

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