Dark and powerful: Elmtree Beers – Nightlight Mild

20140316_164738Post-gush.  A bit of a shame, really.

Oh dear.  What a shame.  I’ve just had the gush.  No, not a JAM style “The Gush” (feel free to look it up if you like, but it’s not something you want to look at at work or in polite company…)

It was my bottle of Elmtree Nightlight mild.  I just took the cap off and wham off it went.  The photo shows precisely how much I had left after the event.  So I’m afraid that this is a bit of thin review.

It’s a real shame as I really enjoyed Elmtree’s Dark Horse Stout (https://yeastismybitch.com/2013/12/03/elmtreebeersdarkhorse/) but by the time the gush had finished there was so much yeast mixed into the beer I only managed to extract a few themes and ideas of what it’s supposed to taste like.  I really didn’t want to tip it away as it’s not very often that I get to try a 5.7% mild…and I did so want it to be good – which it probably is when it’s not over most of the floor and worktops.

Here’s my impressions of it, anyway: strongly warming, alcoholic and slightly vinous, very flavourful. Darkly good looking.  I just wish I had more of it to evaluate and more to say about it…


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