Pineappley perfection: Oakham Ales – Citra


I’ve had this bottle of Citra sat about in stock for quite a while now, and it’s been giving me the come-on every time I’ve looked in the cupboard, the filthy tease…so I thought it only fair that I should take it out and show it a good time…

I’ll have to forgive the slightly wacky label design, I can’t say I’m a fan of it…the beer itself deserves better.  I think an excellent beer should be treated with a modicum of reverance, a la Thornbridge, Siren and co.  and I consider Citra to be very much on a par with those beers.

From the bottle Citra pours a very light straw colour, with a crisp-looking white head that doesn’t stick around for long – and I can only think that’s because of the AMAZING aroma forcibly punching it’s way through it…this is quite honestly one of the best smelling beers I’ve had in a long while:

A gorgeous Citra hop induced pineappley, grapefruity, sherbet fountain, lemon thyme and chamomile bouquet pervades.  If I was synaesthetic -which, I’m probably not- I’d have had a pretty strong yellow/light green theme going on.  Joyous and invigorating, this is an aroma that makes you want to just sniff for a good long while before drinking.

The taste is equally as joyous: lightly piney at first with a gorgeous velvety mouth-feel, then the pineappley-citrus notes of the Citra hops lead out and introduce you to a perfectly judged bitterness that carries with it beautiful dank overtones and a prickly pine needles on the finish.  Each sip is endlessly enjoyable…I’m sure the malt bill is just as good but you just don’t notice it, Citra is all about the hops.

Christ, it’s good: on par with some of the quality US pales or IPAs in terms of aroma and flavour without being wiltingly strong…and  compared to US beers, there’s so much of it in a bottle.

Quite lovely. Well done, Oakham.  I got my bottle of Citra from Waitrose – so now you’ve no excuse not to buy some.

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