Crackers Lemon Explosion: Celt Experience – Danish Monster


I have no idea what the folks at Celt Experience have been taking, but if they could arrange for a consignment of it to be sent to me, I’d be very grateful.  I thought Brewdog did some fairly unhinged things, but this is a step-up, indeed.

I like the crazy noire-style label on the bottle…there’s a touch of the “Nosferatu“, silent horror vibe about it.

When you pour it out, Danish Monster is all tame beery-looking beer.  Nothing weird, even the colour is nothing untoward…

…then you notice the aroma as it starts to pervade the room. What an aroma.  It’s more intensely lemony than Lemsip – and that’s saying something.  There’s hops in there somewhere I’m sure – maybe I caught a whiff of the little blighters and their resinous ways somewhere in the whirl of lemon…

In terms of the taste: this is quite a meaty beer – big in the mouth and with quite the oddest flavour I’ve come across…tons of hops come stampeding in accompanied by an intense bitterness – both of which are immediately massively supplanted by a violently assertive roast lemon taste (if you can imagine such a thing). There is malt presence in this beer and it’s good and solid, but this beer’s all about the LEMON, baby…

The after taste seems to go on forever and is all hops, resin and roasted lemon again  (surprise!)

God, I don’t know whether I like this or not…but I’m beyond caring as I’m still trying to get the lemon aroma out of my hair, clothes and nostrils.  I don’t actively dislike Danish Monster, but I can’t say I crave another, either…I think…maybe I do…?  I don’t know.

That’s the sort indecision caused by an unforgettable beer…

I love the look of the -frankly, crackers – Celt Experience website…so I’m considering Danish Monster to be a “Gateway Beer” which should lead me to other strange and wonderful experiences in amongst the rest of the Celt Experience range…

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