A Palatial Palate Pleaser: Blenheim Palace Traditional Golden Ale

20140324_193931I like Blenheim Palace (I went to school in Woodstock, so we often used to get thrashed around the grounds of the palace on cross-country runs by our dear teachers from the Marlborough school.  Hi Mr Haynes (Clarry) – yes, you were right…I should have tried much harder in Economics lessons)

Anyway, the palace itself aside -nice, though it is- we’re here (again) for the beer.

Normally when I see branded products that are so obviously destined for the gift shop my heart sinks…invariably they’re tawdry, novelty items that are more a reminder of a place than a product that’s actually any good.

But unbelievably Blenheim Palace Traditional Ale is not too bad at all.

Poured into a glass it’s a fairly good-looking golden straw colour, is also bottle conditioned and has a delightfully sweet malt ‘n’ grains sort of aroma going on.

Let’s be clear about this…it’s not the most complex drop you’ll ever have – but it’s very drinkable and is all honeyed and tasty. Definitely a summertime drink and with a good trailing bitterness it’s a taste that you’ll want to revisit…very much like Blenheim Palace itself.

As you can see I had mine with an Indian meal (lovingly prepared by Eve) and it worked perfectly.  I’d like to see BPGA on draught in Woodstock, but that’s unlikely, I guess.

I didn’t get my bottle from the Blenheim gift shop, I actually got it from my sister’s deli in Woodstock – which is the go-to place for hampers, champers, baguettes, sandwiches, coffee and just about anything else you can think of in the eating and drinking line.


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